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Fiscal Fast ” No buy challenge” Day 30

I made it through  day 30 of my “no-buy”challenge/fiscal fast. Keep reading to see I learned….

  1. It was easier than I thought it would be
  2. I was forced to really think about what I needed, what I wanted and want I needed to pass on
  3. I was able to clearly assess what I owned in abundant supply
  4. I shopped my closet and discovered a lot “new” outfits by mixing and matching items
  5. My closet,though smaller than I would like,  is now organized  and visually appealing simply bc I have purged and created a system that works for me
  6. I got rid of shoes. There were some that I had not worn in a year and thats RIDICULOUS
  7. I did look up items on Amazon however, I forced myself to leave items in my cart so that I can decide if I really NEED or WANT it
  8. I learned that I am far from a DIY person. I had so many things that I kept because of a DIY vision I had and thats just not me. As a result, I am NOT holding on to anything for that purpose because its simply not a reality for me
  9.  I evaluated my style and its very clear that I am  simply obsessed with dresses. I LOVE structured dresses with a feminine flair. I stopped buying slacks a long time ago and I think that trend will continue
  10. I used to wear a 0 and then I became a 2. Now, I am a 4 and even a 6 in certain cuts and designers. I decided to get rid of anything that was a 0 or narrow size 2. I highly doubt that I will ever be that small again. There is no point in holding onto smaller sizes
  11. Purging and organizing gave me a high or rush (seriously).  I even went as far as writing down all of my unopened makeup products so I know everything I have in my stash
  12. I also felt liberated by just throwing things away that I don’t like or that don’t work for me. (if I don’t love it or need it, I don’t keep it).
  13. I read a lot about minimalism and plan to take steps to move in that direction
  14. I sold some items at a resale store and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of $$$ I received for items I planned on donating
  15. I had a mental shift. Suddenly, I had a desire to prune other areas of my life as well , which was the BEST result




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4 Responses to “Fiscal Fast ” No buy challenge” Day 30”

    • callmekinky

      It really does work! You will probably realize that you have items that you don’t even like or that don’t fit your current lifestyle or sense of style. I want to love everything in my closet and in my home and this process helps.


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