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Marriage is a Burden?!

Hey Luvs:

Check out these my latest YouTube video  below. This is highly controversial and I look forward to hearing your comments, even if you disagree.

Leave your comments below. 


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5 Responses to “Marriage is a Burden?!”

  1. Jayshaun

    I agree… and I briefly discussed this on my last podcast. I think many people from our generation are caught up and overwhelmed so much by their perception of choice that they are too afraid to make a choice. Which in itself is a choice. They want the best option for a mate so they hold out or they want to enjoy multiple options because they don’t want to settle. All the while forgetting the empowerment, responsibility and burden and freedom the choice of selecting a partner brings! And I shouted when you said individualism doesn’t work for the black community !!!

    • callmekinky

      Thank you. I’ve been stalking your blog and I hope to incorporate your tips soon. I want to take blogging a bit more serious.

      • Jay Colby

        That’s great I hope you found the tips helpful. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask. Do you have specific goals your blog?

  2. Alexis

    Thank you for sharing. I would have loved it if you shared the reasons WHY you value marriage and partnership a little bit more specifically. Your argument seems to be that we should do it for the culture. Is there more? Exactly how can one benefit from having a spouse? That question may sound selfish, but all of us are not martyrs in that we are willing to sacrifice our lives just to be able to say we did it for the culture. I personally am not willing to take on responsibility for the sake of taking on responsibility. I don’t believe that makes me any more of a woman. I’m still avidly searching for answers to how I’ve been feeling about marriage and partnership, so again, I’m really glad you shared. But as one of the people you are referring to who doesn’t see the value in partnership, I’m still not convinced. I’m still willing to be convinced….but need the value stated more explicitly.


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