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Fiscal Fast: “No Buy Challenge” Day 6

Today is day 6 of my “no-buy”challenge/fiscal fast. I am not having withdraws and here is why:

  1. Its freezing cold and I am hibernating instead going out to stores
  2. I really have a consistent urge to purge and organize every time I get home
  3. Getting rid of stuff is liberating and bringing stuff in seems daunting (lately)
  4. I like open space and minimal clutter
  5. I am using this month to do a thorough pulse check on all of my finances, including meeting with my financial advisor
  6. I have a lot clothes, shoes, and accessories and I am looking forward to shopping my own closet and creating my personal style
  7. Don’t judge me….but I have about 8 pair of pants that I skip over simply because they need to be pressed. I do the dishes every night and clean the bathroom 2x per week but I absolutely despise ironing. So, I am either going to iron them this weekend or drop them off to be pressed at my local dry cleaner.
  8. I only have 6 months to transform my body (more on that later) and my size will likely change again soon so it does not make sense to purchase clothing at my current size.
  9. I actually like using the products I have. Since I am not buying anything else, I am discovering products I forgot I even had, like pure argan oil, which my hair absolutely loves.
  10. I like conquering challenges and tend to have better outcomes when I “face a challenge” rather than make a resolution. I know its silly but mental semantics matter to me. *Kanye Shrug*




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