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Still I Rise

I saw the clips on my timeline. I read the commentary, the feedback and the outrage. I resisted the urge to scream. I wanted to stand up at my desk, grab my purse and keys and walk out the door. I didn’t want to explain to my white friends why I was angry and upset. I could not even put the pain and anger I felt into words if I tried. I would probably be tempted to slap someone-anyone who looked at me with astonishment as though I have no reason to be angry at all.

You know the same ones who picket and lobby for animal rights but don’t even blink twice when a restrained man or kid is hunted and gunned down like a wild animal. The people who don’t care because the ones who are preyed upon are ten times darker than their spray tans will ever allow them to be.

And while I love King and his dream, I realize that my people are living in a fucking nightmare.

What we face globally is enough to make us go insane. I’m not worried about ISIS. How can I be when all I’ve know is terror perpetuated by the majority ?


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.43.40 PM
If I watched the video today, I would probably be non-productive for weeks because my sensitive soul is tired and I am angry. If I jump now,  I’ll never climb back up and be able to say “still I rise.”

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