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Muhammed Ali: The Greatest

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I loved this man not because he was a great athlete or because he always seemed to have a way with rhetoric.

I grew to love him because he was conscious. I grew to love him because he loved black people and had used his powerful position to shine a spotlight on our greatness and the injustices we had endured. He knew that being great meant acting with greatness, a deposition that I hardly see in today’s celebrities.

 Lou DiBella states in Muhammad Ali In Perspective, “Ali was the best “sound bite” in history. Ali was “prime time” before Deeion Sanders was born. Ali did that schtick better than anyone, but with Ali, there was social relevance and substance behind it.


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He inspired me because he took action. He was that “strong, black, man” every women yearns for and probably the type of father that every child needs.

The world needs more men like him. 

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