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Quick Weave on Natural Hair

Written in February 2016


I know.  It’s been a good little minute since I talked about my natural hair, Kinky. In the last few months, I have had my hair straightned, crocheted and now it’s in a quick weave (see above pic).


flat ironed


crochet twists

I’ve always loved my kinks and the sheer defiance of my hair. However, lately I’ve preferred protective and flat ironed styles.

My curls, though beautiful, have become time consuming and a bit unpredictable. My perfect twist out isn’t so perfect anymore.



after washing

So I have been putting kinky away as much as possible.

I’ve been natural since 2008 so I think I’m somewhat over playing in my hair and watching Youtube videos to discover new styles.



I like the freedom of waking up and not thinking twice about my hair.  Plus, I have noticed an amazing amount curl definition and moisture retention by leaving my hair alone. I have also have been extremely diligent with getting my ends trimmed quarterly and I think its really making a big difference.

When I detangle my hair after wearing a protective style, I hardly experience shedding or tangles.  I anticipate protective styling for the remainder of the year with short break in between to allow my hair to breath.

Click here to see one of my favorite protective styles.

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~Thanks for Keeping it Kinky~




4 Responses to “Quick Weave on Natural Hair”

  1. skatsz

    Your hair is gorg! I especially like those Senegalese twists, they look so pretty on you.

    Great post btw 🙂


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