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The Girl With the Green Hijab

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She had a baby face and a big smile that showed off her dimples. Every now and then, she would pull the sides of her scarf as though she was concerned about showing too much of her pretty face. I assumed her hair was long, thick,and full of dark,loose curls.

Even before she mentioned her love of novels, I could tell she was one of those types. I listened intently as she gushed about following her heart, abandoning the dream her father had for her, and relocating to Canada.

One of her fondest memories was going back to Somalia to visit and to film a documentary.She wanted people there to tell their own stories. The world needed to know more about the country and not just the stories of war and religious tyranny.


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The lightness she had seemed to slowly evaporate when she spoke of Somalia. I didn’t dig but it seemed like that trip had matured her. It also seemed like that experience stirred up her desire to be a champion of women’s rights.

I knew she would be many things in this lifetime. I prayed that Prince of Peace would keep her covered just like that pretty, bright, green hijab.

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