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Affordable Wig Review


The first pic features Jannie and the latter two pictures feature Heaven.


Y’all can we get into these wigs please?

I just love them! It was one of those love at first try on moments. 



Heaven. Taken on 4/10

I ordered these wigs on last month. Both were right at about $20.00 and shipping took about 5 business days.

I have never been a fan of wigs, especially not ones with lace that require a ton of work to make it look somewhat realistic.

After watching ALOT of YouTube videos and learning more about wig maintenance and styling techniques, I decided to give it a try.

Lets Start with Heaven by Freetress:

Length: About 12-14 inches, with great layers that nicely frame the face. I also love the full, side, bang.

Texture: Blown out or flat ironed natural or tex-laxed hair. This wig is dense and thick with texture. I am wearing color #2.

Parting: Curved L-Part .Very dense parting space but it is easy to pluck

Cap Size: Medium to Large. It was a little too big for me so I adjusted my base (hair underneath) to create a more snug fit.

Construction: Equipped with two combs on the side and one in the back along with a band that clasps in the back

Cons: Very hard, scratchy lace. Tip: Place hair on mannequin head and cut ALL the lace off prior to putting on your  head

Longevity: Lasted about 3 full weeks with daily wear before becoming brittle and tangled in the back (nape area) and stiff in the areas that were suppose to hang around the shoulders.  I will try to revive the wig this week and let you know what the outcome is.

Bottomline: Its one of the BEST, natural-looking, wigs on the market. It is especially great for wig beginners who want to try wig at low price point. For more deets on this wig, watch my youtube video.

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4-up on 4-18-16 at 7.47 PM (compiled).jpg

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