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Make it Rain

I’ve been making it rain for the last 8 months.

It started with grad school graduation and my 2 month vacation with stops in NYC, Toronto, Chicago and Mexico.

I moved from one coast to another and splurged on a few items to make my house feel like my scared space. I purged my wardrobe and accepted that fact that my fashion taste buds have changed and that I now have an appetite for fine wine and lobster.

I hardly went to the salon in bschool but quickly realized that I can’t get my Olivia Pope on without sitting in someone’s salon chair more frequently.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.35.28 AM

And then I bought my mom a car and paid for it in full with cash.

I had always been a saver, savvy shopper and a strategic, financial planner. I am so happy that my mother signed me up for that Dave Ramsey course my junior year of college.

Recently , though, money has been flowing from my pocket with ease.

I think I realized that spending is just as important as saving if it’s done responsibly and in a way that makes your life more enjoyable. I am maxing out my HSA, opening up a Roth and sending a lot of funds to my 401k. I will continue to save but I won’t deny myself experiences. I won’t clutch my pearls each time my account balance dwindles. Fear of not having money is just as bad as worshipping it.

For me, creeping closer to 30 has shifted my focus slightly. I’m unapologetically in the self-indulgent stage. 

However, unlike most people I encounter, I’m not spending on designer bags and red bottoms. I could care less about most designers but feel right at home in Banana Republic and Lord & Taylor.

I am primarily collecting experiences and globe trotting because travel is my first love.

#blackgirlmagic comes is many forms and I tap into it everyday when I live with financial freedom and flexibility.

They said we couldn’t do it but we are. More and more brown girls are breaking the stifling chains of poverty, creating wealth and pursuing meaningful careers and achieving extradionary fulfillment in their lives. They are realizing that net worth doesn’t equal self worth but that they deserve prosperity and all the benefits that come with it.

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3 Responses to “Make it Rain”

  1. Mo

    I really enjoyed that read! You are doing it and doing it well! Much love friend/Soror!

    -Mo Hill


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