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Over Iced Chai Lattes


I darted in the coffee shop and greeted my new friend.

I had met her just a month prior when she came to my job for a workshop targeted toward young women interested in STEM careers. She had brought high school students from a local non-profit.

During lunch that day though, I could not tell if she was an adult or one of the high school students. Her brown skin was like silk. I envied the smoothness and even tone. She had these high cheek bones that made her smile warm, inviting and youthful. However, after brief small talk, I learned she was a graduate student studying Public Health. Somehow we ended up talking about literature and gleefully slapped hands “Like Girl YESSS…” when we both confessed our love for “The House at Sugar Beach.” I told her it showed a side of Liberia that I had never known. For her, the book highlighted the political nonsense and the love that kept  her home country alive.

So over iced chai lattes, we shared our favorite reading list, podcasts, and experiences.

Traveling to India had been one of her most memorable experiences. When she told the natives that she had come from America, they looked at her out of the corner of their eyes, and asked “Where are you really from?”  Their totally appropriate skepticism amused her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 12.20.27 PM.png

c/o starbucks

We flowed in and out of topics with ease. We spoke as though we had known each other for years. Her youthful face was balanced by her rather mature persona.  Her intelligence sat on display and I wondered if I was as poised and focused at her age.

And when she said she loved her boyfriend but wanted to relocate, I encouraged her to leave him behind if he could not support her dreams.

She is young and intelligent and already faithful to Allah. I hope no one stifles her #blackgirlmagic.

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