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2015 “Ah-ha” Moments


I am looking forward to another year of life. Here are 5 “ah ha” moments I experienced in 2015. I hope these tips help you start the new year right. 
No Apologies:  Everyday is another chance.  You can do anything you desire and you are not obligated to explain your life decisions to anyone. Live free and do you.

Takes Risks:  Life is just way too short to settle. Taking SMART risks allows you to grow, explore, and uncover rewarding opportunities. What exactly are you waiting for? You have one lifetime so make it a great one.

Say No:  I realized that I was saying yes way too much. My genuine desire to give back and to practice love has led me to go out of my way far too many times for others. I decided last month to say no when I want to simply because I am not obligated to anyone or anything except the Most High. Say no and don’t feel the need to offer an explanation. 

Get your money straight:  Financal fitness is necessary. I know red-bottoms and overpriced handbags are appealing to many but excessive spending undermines wealth. Many of us don’t “have it like that” and the ones who do are saving, investing wisesly and using their money to create generational wealth. 

Turn off and Tune Out: Recently my best friend said that social media is the new crack. Some of us spend a lot of time consuming it and little time reading or investing time in areas that will aid in professional or personal development. Commit to tuning out and silencing the world sometimes so that you can spend time listening to your own voice. 

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