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3 Ways to Conquer B-School

1. S.O.S: We all could use a little help but our b-school budgets probably won’t allow us to hire a personal assistant anytime soon. This list of apps will keep you organized on the go.
2. Life isn’t fair: Maybe. Maybe Not. Perhaps no one warned you that you would have 3 time consuming assignments due at the same time, long cases to read and a plethora of activities to attend. Well here is another bomb….you also have to fit in time for the internship and full-time job search. To avoid feeling completely overwhelmed, devote 30-60 minutes a few days per week to complete a career-oriented task (reading about your desired industry, sending a networking email, updating your LinkedIn profile, having a coffee chat with a 2nd year or alumni etc.)

3. Play Hard & Work Smart: Business school can be really stressful, yet really fun. One way to actually enjoy business school while maintaining an acceptable GPA is to only devote a maximum of 3 hours to an assignment. If you can’t figure it out in that time frame or are stuck in any area, you should seek help. Ask a friend, group mate or the professor. Simply asking the professor for clarity saved me so much time and allowed to spend more time on other activities.

You can keep reading by checking out a similar post, which discussion the types of team mates to avoid in your career and in business school.

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