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We Be All Night

I crept in bed at 3am exhausted but happy.  

I was in Argentina last year during the Thanksgiving holiday. This year though, I was home and thrilled about spending quality time with immediate and extended family.
I ate way too much and over indulged in about 5 different desserts. I felt old when my cousin told me he had just spent $1000 on his apartment deposit. The same kid who I cradled and fed when he was an infant.
Another cousin had her geography book open to create a map of South America. When she was asked about teenage dating, she explained that high school relationships only last a few days so she wasn’t interested in dating. 😂
My nieces have gotten so tall and I honestly can’t believe how much they are growing nor how intelligent they are. I noticed their beauty coming through and recognized the fear that they will soon leave girlhood behind to become young women.

I missed all the Thanksgiving text messages from friends because I was too busy talking, catching up, laughing and taking it all end. I crept in bed at 3am wishing I could do it all over again.


4 Responses to “We Be All Night”

    • callmekinky

      Yep. We have the same vibe for Christmas. I don’t care so much about the holiday itself but it’s one of the very few times that my family members have time off of work and we take full advantage of it. What does your family do for Christmas ?


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