Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Pinching fat in areas it shouldn’t be 

I was in Target looking for ways to allow them to empty my pockets like they always seem to do, when a teenage sales member asked me if I was finding everything okay. I looked up briefly to acknowledge her and respond. I smiled. 
And then something strange happened. Her eyes grew big and she had this youthful sparkle in her eyes that radiated happiness. 

“Oh my gosh, you are so pretty.” She gushed and giggled. I thanked her. 

I was too stunned to pay her a compliment back. What she said didn’t momentarily silence me but it was simply the way she said it that did. Her body froze in place as she examined my face. The screen tees she was holding in her hand hung in the air when she stopped midway before hanging them on the rack. She seemed surprised and extremely in awe of me….*of little ol’ me. *
The whole scene was quite humbling. I’ve been told I’m beautiful. I’ve been paid many compliments but her genuineness was compelling. She blessed me with her words. 
And even though I pinch the little fat that has developed in areas it shouldn’t be and despise ever damn pimple that pops up, I had to stop and remind myself that I shouldn’t be such a critic. I need to see myself the way she does. 


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