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Are young girls looking too grown?

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2 Responses to “Are young girls looking too grown?”

  1. Jay

    Things not only change but they go in cycles! When my mother was young she rolled her hair and wore brightly colored lipstick in high school (that was flashy). When she raised me she did not allow that. No acrylic nail until 17, no weave with the exception of braids. Shorts down to my knees so that despite my shape no one could mistake me as an adult.

    I hope these same girls will grow up and see the error of their and be stricter on their daughter. It is a mothers responsibility to teach their daughters how to develop and maintain their beauty. Not be their home-girl and let peers guide them. They are teaching them to look for social acceptance instead of creating their own style.

    • callmekinky

      Very true. Mothers have to rise to occasion and be firm on instilling a value system in their children. Fathers have the same responsibility. Children have so much peer pressure and are often bombarded by subpar societal standards that parents have to fight against. It’s not easy but it must be done.


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