Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Her Last Breath



I was up and alert but I really should have been in bed sleeping hard on my 1000 count cotton sheets.
But I don’t always get what I want. I voluntarily signed up for a training last month so I have no one else to blame. Yet, waking up at 6:15am on a Saturday and being in training for nearly 8 hours is asking a lot of someone like me. I don’t thrive until 9am but I forced myself to get it together this morning. 

The training was great. 

Around noon, I entered the woman’s locker room and began taking off my business attire. I grabbed a pair of size small scrubs off the shelf and put them on. The room was extremely cold and I depised the frigid air. I wondered how cold the next room would be.

Next, I placed a yellow gown over my scrubs along with 2 sets of shoe covers, a face mask and 2 pair of gloves. 
I replaced my glasses with the heavy duty goggles that sat on top of the silver tray. I quietly opened the door careful not to disturb anyone else. 

I saw what looked to be the lower extremity of a body. I got closer and confirmed my suspicion. I could still see the blueish undertones in the skin. The flesh was pale and the pelvic floor region had been sliced open. The foot was narrow and the toe nails look like they had been healthy. Brownish colored hair hung from a part of the vagina that was still intact. 

And then I glanced at the other table. The thigh muscles were exposed. 3 hearty looking muscles intertwined with various nerves. Someone chattered about S1 S2, and S3 nerves on the other side of the room. I was fascinated when a gentleman picked up the tools and lifted the mass up just enough for us to see the ovaries and other major, femal anatomy. The area he claimed was the bladder looked a lot different than I thought it would be. The fatty tissue stuff that has some medical name looked like the fat I cut off chicken thighs. 

A maroon body bag lied on a gurnie in the far right corner. I refused to allow my eyes to linger there too long.

I reached out my hand and touched the narrow foot. The foot was so soft and the coldness of the flesh even penetrated my glove. The cold lingered on my pointer finger and I again wondered who she had been and what had exactly caused her to take her last breath. 

I needed additional gear for the next lab. Luckily, the body was face down and covered a lot by those flimsy blue sheets. I watched the people around me insert needles into the cold bodies while practicing their technique. They were calm as they asked  their minds to retrieve core anatomy concepts. They used terms I’ll never look up or understand. 

Being there….being surrounded by people both dead and alive made me immediately feel a since of gratefulness. My heart still beats. I am warm and blood still flows in my body. Sleepy, yes but still very much here. 

God BLESS physicians and nurses. 


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