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Laced with Gratitude 

I greeted another year of life by looking out at the Atlantic Ocean and allowing the rising sun to pour into my suite. It warmed my body and made me smile. The waves were rough and they crashed onto the land carrying sand back and forth. 

With it, I imagined every wave washing away any stress that lingered in my mind or body. If only it was that easy. 

I only half smiled at my thoughts-at my own immaturity. I reasoned though, that everyone had the right to imagine. 

The right to wish. 

I said some prayers that I can no longer remember but I’m sure they were laced with gratitude. 

So last night when the chilly air tickled my ears and made me clutch my neck wishing I had adored it with a scarf, I imagined I was still on vacation looking at the ocean, heads titled toward the sky with my thoughts running toward greatness quicker than my feet ever could.

I quickened my step, elongated my back, and walked as though my inner heat, the one the drives me, could shield me from the nippy air. 



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