Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Food, Freedom, Marriage & Babies 

My feet hurt. I stood barefoot on my hardwood floors chopping fresh vegetables to prepare my Ghanian-inspired stew. The cod fish is still thawing but it will fit in nicely with the rich seasoning and spice.  

“Half of a Yellow Sun”audiobook kept me company as I moved from one food item to another. I ignored my aching feet and sighed. I don’t know why but my thoughts trailed off. I wondered how it would be to stand there with aching feet with one baby strapped to me while another tugs at the hem of my shirt to get my attention. 

It all seems so far off. Motherhood. Marriage. But if these things are like any other monumental moment in my life, they will come before I know it. It will pop up so fast that I’ll have no time to even consider what life was like before.

I cherish this quiet time. Nights when I indulge in my favorite foods, flip TV channels, search on YouTube, scribble new goals in an ornate journal  and read a little bit of this and a little bit of that with NO interruptions and minimal obligations.

However, like every other complex and accomplished women, I love the present and the thought of the future even if it means a permanent disruption in the life I’ve grown to love and cherish. 


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