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Is investing in quality hair extensions worth it?


Buying nice extensions is quite an investment. In my experience, investing in quality hair has been worth it because I am able to use the hair multiple times. For example, I paid less than $250 for the hair pictured above (2 bundles) and I’ve used it for at least 4 installs over the past 4.5 years. 



I won’t bother telling you where I ordered it from because the company now has negative reviews for fraudulent practices.

I personally had no issues when I ordered from them and they were relatively new at the time but a lot can change in 4.5 years. Nevertheless, this hair has been good to me. It’s Malaysian curly and very easy to maintain. I usually spray the hair once a week with a water and conditioner mix. I never use heat on the hair so I can’t speak to how well it straightens. 

I can change the look of the hair by doing chunky braids or twists outs. I typically keep a sew-in for about 2-3 months.  I maintain my scalp with organic root stimulator dry shampoo, and a mix castor and tea tree oil.
Sew-ins are a great protective style for anyone as long as the braids are not too tight and your real hair is properly conditioned and moisturized. 

Additionally, curly/kinky extensions allow me to protect my hair without the hassle of trying to blend my curls with the extensions. That means I don’t have to repeatedly use heat on my leave out to achieve sleek and natural looking results.
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