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He Likes Me with No Makeup On

It had been a few days since we saw each other. Our last trip was to Toronto and we were preparing for our trip to Mexico. I was whipping up a home cocktail to soothe a tummy ache when he asked for a hug. We hugged, talked and laughed. Then he got quiet and looked me dead in the eyes and said: 

“I like the way you look without makeup” 

Stunned, I quickly read his facial expression for a trace of seriousness. To confirm, I asked “are you being for real?” A slight grin adored my face and I felt myself smirking at him. He said yes and went on to explain how my eyes and features are different without makeup. 


I smiled and kept mixing the cocktail. I had nothing left to say. He silenced me for awhile. 


8 Responses to “He Likes Me with No Makeup On”

  1. Just D

    I love this! There’s nothing like being admired in your purest form.


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