Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

I Big Chopped 

I went into the salon and after getting my hair blown out on a cool/warm setting in preparation of a sew in, I told her to chop off everything that wasn’t vibrant. My hair naturally grows uneven so I wanted it even all around and any split ends gone. Going for eveniness means that I had to compromise length and I was ok with that. My last professional trim was in September 2014….way too long ago.

I’m calling this a big chop because my hair is nearly the length that it was when I first went natural. It’s so short!!! Well it’s short compared to the length I   am used to. It’s a little pass my collar bone in the front and longer on the sides and back.

However, even when I was relaxed, I would always cut my hair and my styles wouldnt last very long because my hair would always grow out quickly. My mom blessed me with good genes.

After my recent natural hair adventures, I’ve realized that I don’t have the time nor the desire to play in my hair the way I used to. I love the way my bra strap length hair hung pass my shoulders and down my back but I didn’t like the maintenance or the long air drying sessions.

And I felt an urgent need for change and variety but quite frankly, I get really bored sometimes no matter how nice my twist or braid out looks.

I’ll probably allow my hair to grow out and I’ll keep protective styling until I feel like dealing with kinky again.

This is a new hair journey for me and I hope you check back to stay updated on my progress. See you Friday to reveal my dope ass sew in.

3 Responses to “I Big Chopped ”

  1. Rickeeta

    I’ve always loved the different and trendy styles you keep you keep your hair in. You’re moving again? I must see you in NY before you leave.

    • callmekinky

      Thanks luv. Yes! I’m relocating for my new job offer. I just selected an apartment and now I need a moving company. I start 8/10 so I’m traveling until then.


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