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I don’t have a thigh gap

Things change after 25. Yep-sure do. I had been 108 lbs for over 10 years until a few months after my 26th bday. By 27, I had a whole new figure and 15 extra pounds that I was certainly not used to. 

The first change I noticed was widening hips. Then my butt became more pronounced and finally my thighs started to rub together.

 I like some of the extra weight but I must admit that  I’m not quite used to my thighs touching and I don’t like the feeling at all. I’m currently 126 pounds and will likely lose 6lbs this summer but I hardly believe that my thighs will ever have a “gap” again. 


It was nice while it lasted. In other news, I’m looking rather curvaceous in my swimsuit and my body is definitely “full grown.” 


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