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Managing Low Porosity Hair

This is Part 1 of my hair updates. 

I took the box braids out that I had gotten during my Spring Break trip to Ghana. I noticed that the braids were super easy to take down and more importantly, my natural hair was extremely soft and stretched. 
I finger dentangled and there was minimal shedding. 

stretched hair


pre shampoo

 I added coconut oil to my hair and allowed it to sit for a few hours. I shampooed with the Shea Moisture 10 and 1 renewal shampoo. This product left my hair feeling soft and slightly conditioned.

I immediately added the bentonite clay mixture I made earlier in the day which consisted of Aztec Bentonite Clay, water, one capful of organic ACV, one tablespoon of V05 moisture milk  conditioner and a few globs of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 



clay mixture

The texture was creamy and easy to apply. I used it to clarify and condition my curls. After allowing it to sit for 30 minutes, I rinsed in 4 sections immediately  followed up with Tresseme Moisture Rich conditioner. I let the conditioner sit for about 20 min. After rinsing, I realized my hair still had some clay in it😟 so I added more conditioner and gently massaged my scalp to remove any residual clay. 

My curls were shiny, clumped and defined. 

after rinsing the clay out


even my looser texture curled



I wanted to keep my styling session simple. I decided to use a Shea moisture leave in conditioner with their new dentangler/moisturizer and my beloved coconut oil. Following the LCO method instead of the LOC method, I applied the these products lightly to each of the four sections. I then twisted my hair in medium twists with just a little bit of Eco styler gel. 


I’ve never completely abandoned my wide tooth comb but today my hair was so well behaved and my fingers easily removed any tangles. 

What I learned:

– Dusting my ends and using the search and destroy method prior to these braids really helped my hair thrive
– Proper cleansing and conditioning before getting the braids helped keep my coils hydrated 

– The natural African Shea butter is an amazing sealer and locked the moisture into my hair even for 2 months while my hair was braided up. 

– My hair really responded well to the bentonite clay 

– LCO makes more sense for my low porosity hair

T- I no longer need to use a lot of product to achieve moisture. Less product also speeds up my drying time bc product isn’t just sitting on top on my strands.

– My hair is growing consistently despite the deceiving shrinkage I have. 



7 Responses to “Managing Low Porosity Hair”

    • callmekinky

      Thank you! Do you also have a lot of shrinkage? I have to re-braid or twist each night just to keep my hair stretched

      • Tiffany Rebekah

        Oh honey yes! I’ve just learned to live with it. I’ve been natural for almost 7 years and there hasn’t been anything that I’ve found except flat ironing my hair and I only do that once a year.

      • Tiffany Rebekah

        I don’t really blog about my hair, but if you go to my page, you can see a few pics of me. My hair is almost to the middle of my back, but you’ll never know. lol

    • callmekinky

      Based on the number/letter typing system, I have 3c/4a curls throughout. Low porosity hair can sometimes be dry because it refuses to absorb excessive amounts of moisture. Certain products also increase this issue and the result is usually frizz. On the other hand, once low porosity hair is actually moisturized, it locks in the moisture very well. As a result, I always have to try to get a perfect balance.


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