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Single Strand Knots

Written on March 13

I’ve been natural nearly 6 years and I seriously don’t remember suffering from single strands knots. However, it could be that I just didn’t examine my hair the way I do now. Whatever the case may be, I noticed a lot of single strand knots after removing my box braids. I was so annoyed by them that I literally grabbed my hair scissors, finger dentangled in sections, and began snipping away. ✂️
The back of my hair has a much kinkier texture and that is where I found the majority of knots. Some were even further up the hair shaft. I have been wearing my hair out a lot and that could be the culprit. Kinky is picky and she acts a fool if I switch up my routine so here is what I plan on doing now:

Braid outs
: to keep my hair stretched. I love twist outs but it doesn’t stretch my hair a lot. ❤️


Castor oil:
slathered on my ends. It’s heavy and my hair loves it. Keeping my ends drenched will hopefully decrease those annoying knots.

Finger Dentangling
: every other day when wearing my hair out.👍
Trimming: I have to do a better job getting a professional trim more often. I can’t catch every knot solo.📅
These were all the steps I did prior to coming to business school when managing my hair wasn’t an issue. Dealing with my hair has become more cumbersome as my professional responsibilities increase and my time decreases. Yet, this knot situation proved that I CAN NOT stop by tried and true routine.
How do you deal with single strand knots?


7 Responses to “Single Strand Knots”

  1. KinkCHIC

    I haven’t really noticed single strand knots on my hair,i think they mostly occur in long hair than shorter hair 🙂

    • callmekinky

      That makes sense. I’m BSL for the most part and it’s simply terrible to deal with. However, I’ve adjusted my regimen since this post and I think I’ve figured out how to manage them. I’ll post an update Saturday.

  2. Raven Jahän

    I’ve had a ton of those lately! Had to trim about an inch off, only to realize I still didn’t catch them all -_-

    • callmekinky

      I really have to uncover the root cause because I can’t imagine protective styling 24-7. I would be so bored doing that.

      • Raven Jahän

        Yeah, that would drive me insane. I think mine came from me wearing a lot more twist outs this year. It’s so hard to find something that doesn’t eventually cause a problem.

      • callmekinky

        Have you considered using the blow dry tension method with warm air to keep your hair really stretched? I used to do that and my hair really thrived so I’m thinking about going back to that.

      • Raven Jahän

        I haven’t! I usually don’t use heat of any kind except for every few months (2-3x per year). I’ll look in to it, thanks!

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