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Healthy Kale Salad

Last night, after doing a circuit workout, I started thinking about meals I wanted to prepare this week.  I eat at home 98% of the time. Anyway, I recently purchased kale. I often use kale in my smoothies, casseroles and sautéed to accompany my dinner. However, I have never made a Kale salad. I made one today (pictured above) and it’s absolutely amazing.

If you decide to try a kale salad, consider the following:

  • Remove the stems
  • Chop the kale into fine pieces
  • Make sure all the kale is coated in the dressing on your choice
  • Cover the salad of you decide to not eat it all at once

I decided to make my salad dressing and I included a lot of additions such as tortilla chips, almonds, black beans, feta cheese, cilantro, tomato, red pepper and garlic powder. My dressing was very simple. I mixed extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, juice from one lime, a tea-spoon of apple cider vinegar, cumin and organic honey.

I combined all the ingredients in a large plastic bowl with the top and shook vigorously for a few seconds. The flavors are so rich and the kale and black beans are very filling.

Let me know if you eat kale salad or if you plan to try a kale salad recipe. There are also several recipes online. Bon Appetite!


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