Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

“It’s time to put your big girl panties on.”

email headerI had a soul chat with a woman that I admire. I invited her to coffee and was delighted when she quickly responded. I picked a cute and quaint organic coffee shop in downtown. She is a entrepreneur  who is extremely grounded and spritually gifted. She recently was recruited to a government position but luckily she was still cool enough to spill some tea. 

 Take a few sips…. Here are the major talking points and direct quotes from our convo:

” I do not seek validation from others because I was validated by God the day I was born.”

” Someone will always tell you no. I got so used it that now I am immune to it.”

” I knew that I wanted to be rich so I made it my duty to speak to the richest man in town. When I could not reach  him, I wrote a letter, called his secretary and requested his fax number. He called me within two minutes and agreed to meet with me. He believed in my business idea and became my supporter and mentor.”

” I have always been in situations where I am the only  minority. Where there is no diversity, I BRING the diversity.”

“If you want to control corporate culture, you have to create your own corporation.”

“It’s time to put your big girl panties on.”

“Regardless of the title, people are simply people. I respect there position but I don’t treat them any differently because of their title.”

“Everyone is trying to fit in but  people need to be ok being on the outside of the circle. It’s there where you can gain alot  of power through observation, which gives you the knowledge you need to understand those around you and how to interact with them.”

“People often say they were passed up for an opporunity. In reality, they were not passed up, they stayed exactly where they were suppose to be. It may not make sense in the moment but it always becomes crystal clear later.”


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