Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Ghana Chronicles: Taking Risks

Today was so peaceful and exciting. After visiting Cape Coast’s Elmina Castle and the crocodile restaurant, we finally made our way to a beach resort. The journey was long and every time  we would stop and ask for directions, everyone kept saying go straight for 15 minutes. Well I have learned that 15 minutes really means an hour. The lengthy journey was worth it though because our rooms were nice and the resort was seaside. I was so worn out that I didn’t even go to beach. We had dinner, played pool and got ready for bed.

After my shower, I took down my bun and began to separate my hair. I dentangled with my fingers using a conditioner and water mix and whipped Shea butter. The process took almost 30 minutes because I had not touched my hair for 2 days.

I watched bravo TV and chatted on whatsapp because it was the first time I had Internet access since arriving. I find Nigerian movies hilarious because the acting is so dramatic and the stories lines are full of crazy ish. The movies kept me company as I twisted my hair.

This morning, I ate way too much food. I had jasmine rice, stew, plantain, beans, pineapple, coffee and apple juice. The waiter kindly packed me some stuff to go. I told him I eat a lot and he laughed.


I kept my hair twisted and walked the length of the shoreline. The water was nice and cool and tide was good. We decided to ask the locals to take us by boat to a tiny island in the middle of the sea. The local men prepared the boat and attempted to ease our concerns. We had no life vest- just about 6 strong men, a paddle and a motor. The ride was 10 minutes with a bit of swaying and sometimes-full on tipping on one direction. I wasn’t fearful but I was hoping we didn’t tip over in the middle of the sea.

The the ride was about $7 dollars person. When we landed on the island, we walked the entire land mass. I took off my shoes to stabilize myself on the rocks. It was quite exhilarating. At one point, I told the elder I would wait for them on the giant rock because I didnt think it was safe for me to continue walking around on the rocks. He refused to let me stay saying that we must finish together and that “God is with me.” He was a character. I found his happy-go-lucky demeanor entertaining.


We collected a few stones to carry back to the resort to remember this experience. I’ve never taken a boat ride quite like this one. I’m getting more adventurous with age.

The ride back home was about 5 hours and we stopped for fufu and soup along the way. I couldn’t finish it because I was still full from breakfast. It was flavored well with a lot of spice that left my lips with a stinging sensation.

On the way back, I also realized that Ghana has progressed so much in terms of infrastructure and business development. A lot of the roads were smooth and West Hills Mall is massive featuring well-known American and European brands.


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