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Slim but Out of Shape

`Today, actually just a few mintues ago, I decided to start my fitness journey all over again. I have always been slim but that does not mean that I am in shape.  I do not eat horribly but I have a long way to go to get back to where I want to be. Its Spring, so its a perfect time to try again and incorporate outdoor activity. I enjoy jogging, tennis, biking etc.

Its cold and raining today so I opted for a high-impact.indoor,cardio routine. I pulled up Youtube and opened the fitness blender channel. I love this channel because its user-friendly and features videos for all fitness levels. I am also a busy student so I need short videos with high returns. My goal is to do at least do 1-2 videos 3x per week. I am not exactly thrilled about working out so I have to get it done in the morning so I do not find any reasons not to do it in the evening.

My favorite activities are yoga and zumba but to acheive the toned body I desire, I also have to include high impact cardio and weight training, which Fitness Blender offers. The variety of videos will save me from boredom.  During my workout today, I felt so out of shape. My throat hurt, my breath was heavy, and my sinuses started to drain. It was not pretty. I am also on a 48 hour clean liquid, fruit and veggie diet because I have eaten alot more meat lately and I notice a difference in my energy when I have too much meat in my diet. I had water during the workout and opted for green tea, ginger and lemon for my post-workout beverage.

I will keep you updated. Please let me know what you do to stay healthy.

Team #summertimefine

Check out these links to get started on your fitness journey today: -Sign up for a free account to track your progress Free Video access (no registration required)



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