Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Ghana Chronicles: Patience 

Today was fun. Our breakfast consisted of smoked fish, egg, and sweet bread with fresh tomatoes and onions. I mixed my coffee with Milo and enjoyed the breeze on the front porch. 

After a nap, the seamstress arrived to take our measurements. I picked out two dresses with the 6 yards of fabric I had. Magazines with various outfits and designs helped us narrow down what we wanted. The woman was very patient as everyone made their selections. 

I caught myself feeling bored because I had waken up so early and by 11am, I had already been up 6 hours. I was antsy to get going and was delighted when another good friend from school arrived to take us to the beach. I had a wave a nausea so I ordered sprite with lime. We didn’t actually get in the water. We set under the umbrella and ate grilled fish, chicken, fried yam and kabobs. 

I ate so much and the total bill was under $8USD per person. 🙂


Only a handful of people were actually in bathing suits. The locals were dressed up. The beach is the local hot spot especially on Sunday. Families, friends and lovers come out to enjoy the ocean breeze, music and food. For me, it was quite entertaining. I looked at all the outfits, hairstyles and the people performing for tips. At one point, some of the entertainers reminded me of what I see in Times Square. After the beach, we came home sleepy and sticky. I didn’t even eat dinner and instead, had pistachio ice cream from one of the local ice cream palors. It was rich and creamy.


I slept near the window in nearly nothing embracing the breeze. 


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