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When We Arrived in Accra

We arrived in Accra at 11:00am and made it through customs quickly. However, one of my friends, who is actually Ghanian, was asked to open her bags and the officer questioned her. Her sister was there waiting for us when we arrived. We rode in one taxi and our bags were in another. Her nephew danced to the music on the radio and entertained us on the ride home.


The bright purple home stood out against the bright sun. My friend’s mom was very hospitable when we arrived. The housekeeper quietly worked and we enjoyed cold water and cider. Our rooms were nice as well and included personal bathrooms.


The 80 plus degree weather made me sweat. I devoured the jollof rice and chicken that was served. I happily took the spice and it was as good as I remembered.

Shortly after lunch, we headed to the Accra market to exchange money and buy fabric. It was entertaining to say the least with people saying “sistah” to get our attention. Dzifa got sugarcane and her sister bought more alcohol.


I enjoyed the sugar cane and I allowed the juice to fill my mouth before I spit the root out.


At night we went into town and ate smoked fish and banku. The fish was massive and I ate with my fingers grabbing pieces of banku and picking up fish and spice along the way.

DSCN0373 DSCN0374

I downed Smirnoff Black and happily took in my surroundings. The pharmacy next door to the restaurant had the anti malaria medication we needed at a very low price.

The power went out so we slept in the coolest area of the house hoping to catch a breeze. Little breeze came but I managed to sleep a few hours but was up again at 5am ready to explore.


4 Responses to “When We Arrived in Accra”

      • 1reddiva83

        Wow. Now I liked so much stuff then i felt miserable but the bread they made in ho in the Volta region was so good.

      • 1reddiva83

        I think I’m going to put up some from photos from ghana so you can see or link my fb albums

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