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Natural Hair: Caring for Box Braids

I have had box braids in for about 6 weeks. While I typically use the beloved organic root stimulator dry shampoo to care for my scalp when protecting styling in braids or sew-ins, this time I used Peppermint Organic Black Soap to cleanse my scalp.


IMG_1243 IMG_1247

I applied the thick soap to my scalp using my fingertips. In a circular motion, I allowed the soap to turn into a frothy lather before rinsing. I  followed up with Garnier Fructis fortifying conditioner simply because it was already in the shower. I applied this product in the same manner and thoroughly rinsed it out to prevent residue and product build up.

I used a thick towel to squeeze the excess water from the braids and briefly dried my scalp with a bonnet blow dryer. I did not have time to allow my hair to completely dry but it air-dried over the course of the day. I coated my thick edges with creamy Shea butter.




My scalp feels refreshed. It was thirsty for moisture. My new growth is extremely soft. I will apply a little shea butter, tea tree, and vitamin E to my scalp as needed. For the next two weeks, I will play around with various styles and then move on to another protective style.

What are your favorite protective styles?


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