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During my INSTAGRAM and Facebook travels, I am often bombarded with images, status updates, and quotes addressing or concerning women who depict themselves in a less than positive light. From celebrity women, racy song lyrics, and the infamous Miley Cyrus twerking MTV music performance, women are constantly being told that racy behavior is the key to gaining a man’s attention. I firmly disagree. Women can embrace sexiness and celebrate their feminity without tootin’ it up in nearly every picture.  I had to quit following some people because I could not take what they were posting. I did not want to digest that level of foolery on a daily basis. And my sentiments apply to men as well.  I simply can not understand these “get like me pics” displaying a multitude of Jordans and piles of money. People who really have it, dont have to constantly advertise it.

I totally understand how young adults can easily get caught up in instagram/facebook flexin’ but after 25, that phase should be long gone. Ideally, grown people should be so caught up in their real life- their offline life that they dont even have time to create a fake one online.



  1. Mattison

    Its funny because I am actually working on a post similar to this one. I think that its a serious problem that some women have as far as this fake persona they think they are creating online.


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