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Don’t be Thirsty


I’m sure some women in your life have told you all the things you shouldn’t be and now I am going to add one more thing to that list….don’t be thirsty!

This trend seems to be on the rise. If you, as a woman, have to go out of your way to get a man’s attention, there is a high probability that he isn’t that interested in you anyway. For example, if you are the one offering your number to  a man who didn’t even ask for it or if you have to ask for his, you may be bordering on thirsty. There are no steadfast “rules” but on average, if a man is interested in you, he will let you know. It will be clear. He will engage you in conversation and follow up. He will make the time and the effort to get your attention and then devote time and attention to keeping it.

Ladies- there is nothing wrong with being tastefully flirtatious. There are subtle ways to express interest in a man without being overt or aggressive. You can make direct eye contact and smile. You can even compliment him or strike up a conversation but if he doesnt bite back, you should not force it. Touching up your lipstick and adjusting your breasts will not help either. I personally know some women who are ALWAYS in a man’s face but they NEVER have a man. They never progress pass the “talking” phase and eventually, they stop hearing from the man. He never really takes them out but he might invite them to join him for a  “house date.” Seriously-what do you expect? Pratically throwing yourself at a man makes you look desperate and thristy. You may not appear easy but you sure will appear easier than the woman he had to pursue. So while he is house dating you- he will likely be courting her.

I will be adding a video on this soon as well. The bottom line is that you should always carry yourself with class and despite how lonely you may be, it is not ok to advertise that to a man.


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