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You Mad or Naw?


I am a lot of things but a drama queen is not one of them. I am very direct. If I like you, you will know. If I don’t, I will  still treat you with respect but I will not trick you into believing that we are friends.  I am not good at being fake and I am not good at pretending like I care when I really do not. I have laser focus #tunnelvision and I ONLY focus on what aligns with my goals. I don’t entertain foolishness just to stroke someone’s ego.  If someone has an issue with me or dislikes me-that is their problem.
What does that have to do with me, my goals or my purpose? *Kanye Shrug* 
However, that disposition can be very hard for others to digest. People usually want you to care about what they care about. People usually want you to be mad when they are  mad. People usually want you to be bothered when they go out of their way to be mean or rude to you. But let me leave you with the following thoughts….


Dont let anyone rob your peace! And do not be lured into a battle God did not call you to fight. If God is for you, then who can be against you?


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