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Natural Hair: The Sew In and Wash n Go


It’s been a long time since I have had my natural hair out. I missed “Kinky” so much. After having a full head sew in with a closure for about 2 months, I felt like my hair needed to breathe.

This is the first sew-in I’ve had that included a net. Let me just say that I absolutely HATED having a net. I could not access my scalp the way I normally do. Even washing my hair became a struggle. It was nearly impossible to fully cleanse and moisturize the way I wanted to and trying to properly dry it was another story.

So I finally took my hair down. Two of my friends helped with the process. The net also made it a bit more complex to take it down. My natural hair still felt moisturized though and I was pleasantly surprised by that. I co-washed the night I took the sew in out and slept in conditioner overnight. I used Suave’s Coco-Leche conditioner, which is the equivalent to Suave’s coconut and milk conditioner in the United States. I washed my hair the following morning with black soap and incorporated Aussie moist 3 minute miracle to deep condition. (Favorite!)

I also love the new “moisture intense curly bouncing pudding” by African Pride. I tried it a few times this summer and this time I raked it through my hair along with clear pro style gel. It coaxed my curls into pretty “S” ringlets. Its also inexpensive. I purchased it at a beauty supply store for less than $6. I’ll try this combo again to see the results.

I attempted to stretch my hair by putting my hair in two pony tails and banding the braids.


But my low porosity hair was still wet after a day and a half. So I removed the rubber band and braids and allowed my hair to dry freely. As a result, my hair shrunk quite a bit. I parted a portion of my hair in the front and flat twisted to have a defined bang.

Overall, I like the results of this quasi wash n go. I’ll twist it tonight to stretch it a bit more. I’m satisfied with the health and growth of my hair. I cut my hair in June and had it trimmed slightly in mid September when I got the weave installed and I’m back to BSL.

I will likely protective stylethroughout the winter especially when I return from lovely Buenos Aires and face the bitter cold in New York.

I loved how kinky and untamed my hair is. It’s truly an expression of who I am at my core. I am glad kinky and I are getting acquainted again. 😘




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