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Natural Hair Q&A: Roller Sets

Answering your natural hair questions.

Answering your natural hair questions.

These are REAL questions people have asked me regarding natural hair along with my REAL responses. Some information, such as names and identifiers have been edited to conceal the identity of my subbies. Please offer your advice and contribute to the conversation in the comments


  •  “K”:  Q: How do you roller set your hair? I didn’t know you could roller set natural hair. Your set is so pretty.
  • A: I either use those hard rollers that come in multiple sizes and colors or perm rods. Perm Rods will give you a tighter spiral curl

Q: Oh ok! So did you ever do that while transitioning? What did you set your hair with because it’s VERY hard to get the comb through my tangled relaxed hair. The hair is never smooth.

A:  Yes, it helps blend the two textures. I prefer the organic root simulator olive oil wrap/set mousse. It’s a nice hold without making your hair hard. You have to fully detangle before using the rollers. Use a really creamy conditioner and a leave in to detangle. I used to use mane and tail spray detangler when I had a lot of tangles. If the hair doesn’t get smooth, the set wont come out right.


A: And be prepared to sit under the dryer a long time. That’s the part I can’t stand.

Q: Ok girl! Thanks! At the beginning of my transition I used to roller set it all the time but I started having problems with getting my relaxed hair smooth. It took forever to get it smooth. I’m gonna try that mousse. Where can i get it from?

A:  The mousse can be purchased at any ethnic beauty supply store. It is less than $6 and last for awhile.


Hey ! I rolled my hair using the Olive Oil wrap lotion and it worked really well! Thanks for the suggestion. I think my new denman brush played a big part in the smoothing of my hair as well.Oh yeah, I sat under the dryer for about 2 hours


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