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I just dont be feelin’ it

Over gourmet food and red wine, my friends and I discussed mass media and the lack of options for budding, young, professionals who embrace some  urban trends but that are also culturally and politically aware. You know- the complex millennials who crave a Tesla, Audi, or Benz but those that are also globe trotters, civic servants, and spiritualists.
Perhaps, it’s because I majored in English, consume literature for fun and enlightenment and participated in the National Association of Black Journalists that allowed me to identify the need for relevant and meaningful news for people of color.
I am not the Media Take Out or Vine type of chick. (So I won’t be “doin nuttin for da Vine any time soon.)
Quite honestly, I don’t care what Beyoncé or a chick on Love and Hip Hop said or did. That is not news TO ME. We all have our guilty pleasures but bullshit disguised as news or entertainment does not happen to be mine. [shade was likely intended]
There is definitely a place for entertainment “news” but there also needs to be a balance. By definition, news is newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.
Why can’t there be real news written by us for us and “entertainment” news? There are books and articles that say black people do not read. Others say we are simply ignorant and apathetic. However,  my Facebook feed and conversations with my peers tell me otherwise. My astute peers may know how to twerk but they are also in the know and avidly share great news topics and commentary. Links to videos, blogs posts, and articles allow me to constantly and shamelessly indulge. I love those conversation starters and thought provoking pieces. I like simply being aware.
I looked at Kim and Javeree and proclaimed: “We do not have a black Wall Street Journal.” Kim mentioned Black Enterprise, which is respectable but not quite geared toward my generation. It’s mainly centered on business but void of many other pertinent topics.
Like true academics and business professionals, they hit me with questions like “How could it be profitable, who would read it, is there a market need?” These were great questions but I did not have an answer for all of them.  ” You know we are not normal right”, Javeree asked.  Faux hip hop culture is the new normal and the Ratchets have ruined everything from IG to Louis Vutton…I kid.
Anyway, I can emphatically say though, that there is a need for news centered on the black experience (even if less than 50% of my generation is interested). A niche market. Atypical black millennials.  The ones who have transitioned from fitting in to standing out.
The ones who threw their hands up when Kanye blessed us with: :
Now niggas can’t make it to ballots to choose leadership
But we can make it to Jacob and to the dealership
That’s why I hear new music
And I just don’t be feeling it
Racism still alive they just be concealing it
So imagine how delighted I was when I stumbled across this website:– thanks to some of my Facebook friends .
This is dope…now we just need  other versions for those living in other parts of the African diaspora.

2 Responses to “I just dont be feelin’ it”

  1. R

    Well written and wonderfully expressed. Professional consultants need our own universe!
    Get back here so we can build it!


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