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It’s my bday month and as usual, I am celebrating all month. Most people take time to reflect around New Years but I believe the critical time of self-reflection should happen around the time you were gifted into the world. Yes, GIFTED because life, breath, existence is a beautiful gift.


So I’m updating my vision board and pulling out my life journal to see where I’ve been and where I would like to go.
inspiration at brooklyn museum

inspiration at brooklyn museum

Last year, around this time, I was seriously in hate with my finance and accounting courses. I was adjusting to east coast life and I had already secured a few internship offers. The heat of summer shocked me bc I naively assumed that NY wouldn’t be as hot as Texas.


Dating was not a priority as #tunnelvision had taken over and other things were in my field of vision. I was making new friends and missing a few of my old ones. Ironically, I didn’t really miss Texas though. The move was refreshing. School was testing my resilience and I was often #winning yet, sometimes #losing.

AKA'S in the CITY

I met a lot of great people, travelled to the holy land and solidified my plans to become a marketing guru. I won a few awards and attempted to use my gifts to bless others. I littered Instagram with candid moments of my life. I had many late nights and way too much coffee. I neglected myself sometimes but I managed a somewhat balanced diet. However, late night snacking added about 8lbs to my frame. I was confronted by self-righteousness and I realized it was simply something I couldn’t tolerate from anyone in my circle. #next

eat well

My hair went on this high-speed ride with me. Twist outs, braid outs, sew-ins, buns and my favorite, Marley twists, were my go to styles. Growth occurred but my ends went nearly 10 months without a trim. No mam


small braid out

small braid out

Now, my hair has been throughly trimmed. It’s shiny and healthy!

hair cut

My dating life has evolved and I’ve been blessed with a beautiful soul. I’ve mastered this MBA thing and I’m back to working out to turn these 8lbs into muscle. I’ve moved to Jersey and my spacious apartment gives me the peace I craved during the school year. I’m always in the city fellowshiping and exploring. I’m preparing to move to Argentina and I’m attempting to come up with an amazing strategy for my big marketing project. Work isn’t 9-5. It’s more like 9-9. The hustle is real but I have to pay to play. It’s my craft. It’s the creative, strategic, and analytical ish I love.
orange is the new black event

orange is the new black event

Art in Brooklyn

Art in Brooklyn

My core circle is amazing. My luvs inspire me. They add so much value to my life. They endured my temper tantrums and moments of uncertainty. My mom is the joy of my life. I feel the constant urge to purge but rarely know what to get rid off. I’m so grounded in my faith and some miracles have happened this year that I hope continue to happen. I’m still hungry. I’m still thinking about how to be great. Nothing is ever good enough. I was meant to create….to contribute and the execution and delivery of whatever that means will be a life long journey.


RUN DMCI’m happy. I’m here. I AM.

brooklyn brownstone


7 Responses to “I AM”

  1. R

    Love the stroll down last year. The RUNDMC shirt is the stuff! And Brooklyn? The game’s been a wrap for a long time. BK!!!
    Happy Birthday Month!!!

  2. Chrissy

    Good one Shay!!! Its been a great year and this one will be even better! TYLJ!


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