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Styling Natural Hair-Easy Hairstyle

Long African Braid


me and my bestie

me and my bestie

side bun

This is by far one of my favorite hairstyles. It is appropriate for natural, relaxed, tex-laxed, or transitioning hair.


What you need:

2 Packs of Synthetic or Kanekleon Braiding hair

2-4 pony tail holders w/o metal (varies w/ the # of ponytails you choose)

A moisturizing and holding product of your choice. I used Shea Moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie and Eco Style Olive Oil Gel

Bristle Brush for smoothing (optional)

Satin or silk scarf

Bobby Pins (open and closed)

Small rubber bands

What you do:

Use a comb or your fingers to split your hair in two sections (one in the front and one in back)

Smooth the back section and create a mini bun by twisting the hair and securing with a pony tail holder

use gel or any smoother of your choice to lay down your hair especially on the frizzy areas

Repeat the same steps for the front section centering the bun on whatever side of you head you prefer

Braid or twist your braiding hair to the end and secure the end with a small rubber band

Use a pony tail holder and attach it to your synthetic hair by looping  it around the hair

Next, using the pony tail holder  you attached to your synthetic braid or twist, attach it to the bun you have created. Twist and manipulate the hair as you see fit and use bobby pins to secure your the bun in place.

As you can see from the various photos, I have used this method to create different variations of the same hairstyle. If you tie your hair up each night, the style will last 3-5 days before you have to touch it up. You can also take it down each day because it can be easily fixed again within 5-10 min.

Be sure to moisturize and seal between styling sessions. Please remember to share this blog and leave your comments below. Thank you Kink Heads!

Side Pony Tail

Long Twisted Pony Tail

Long Twisted Pony Tail






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