Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

We like to Party


We always have fun

We always have fun


My Fav :)

My Fav 🙂

We are in the last quarter of our first year of B-school and we are anxiously awaiting the summer. My school hosted a Black Jack Ball  and students had an opportunity to dress up, sip, eat, and dance. Some people acted like they had been let out of a cage and I vowed to have a blast. I purchased 2 dresses and still decided to wear one that I already owned. I was not in the “formal ball gown mood” and I wanted a dress that I could wear to the ball and the after party, which took place at a nightclub. I always break the rules and  my dress of choice is clearly out of the ordinary for this type of event. But who cares? Not I.   Take a peek at the pics below. PURE SHENANIGANS


I pulled my hair up into a bun and added two medium size braids. I can not remember where I got this head band from but it was a nice accessory for my elegant up-do.




We are friends w/everybdoy

We are friends w/everybody

Shoes: Steve Madden $19.99

Make up: Covergirl liquid foundation, Ruby kisses setting powder, Lashes from Forever21, Milani pink blush, Elf Bronzer, Elf eye liner pen, MAC loose eyeshadow, Milani Rosehip Lipstick, ELF setting spray (MAC fix plus dupe)



group glasses

photo booth props

photo booth props

My frat brother

My frat brother

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