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My Journey to Israel



About a year ago, I told my brother in Christ that I really wanted to go to Israel. I was fascinated by this mecca of religion, high-tech, and conflict. If you have been on my blog enough, you already know that I truly believe in the willing my desires into existence. I call it tunnel vision and this trip was result of that concept. Years ago, I began to question and often reject most news content. Thus, I began the journey of learning about Israel independently of mainstream media. My fascination grew! Historical text often had conflicting points of view and assertions. I expected that. This approach, however, gave me an opportunity to explore and make my own opinions. So when my business school announced that there would be an opportunity for business students to explore Israel and work as consultants to a promising start-up company, I immediately enrolled in the course and began more detailed research about Israeli business and economics.



Secondly, I began to focus more on the religious and historical aspects of Israel. I immersed myself in literature and came to my own conclusions about who the “true Israelites” are. Though I will refrain from elaborating on my own religious views, I encourage you to conduct your own research. You will likely find out way more about religion, race, and culture that you ever knew. This will also give you the power and knowledge to challenge mainstream views of Israel instead of merely accepting any thing you read or hear. During my journey of learning and discover, I became engrossed in biblical text as well especially the Old Testament. I took some time to understand Judaism and the Torah. All of this research provided me with a framework to properly analyze and understand the country. I am not Jewish and it was interesting experiencing Israel through a variety of perspectives.



The trip was $2500 and I spent another $70 on food, small gifts, and tips. My trip was booked through an agency and I received a significant discount because I was travelling in a group. The flight was about 11 hours from NYC. I had a miserable plane ride. Unfortunately, I sat between two people and one of them had a horrible case of gas. At one point, I literally took the blanket and covered my entire face. I was disgusted. I did seize the opportunity to watch some movies and to listen to some music. With my schedule and deadlines, I rarely have a moment to watch a good movie. I appreciated that time. I also spent a lot of time thinking and plotting my next steps. I am such a busy body and I am always thinking about what is next for me. I will likely spend some in South America in the next few months.

When I arrived in Israel, my first stop was Tel Aviv. I biked through the city, soaked up the sun and ate way too much bread. This “mini” New York was fun, busy, and full of surprises.



Stay Tuned for my next post about my experience in Tel Aviv……

Did you know Israel that is the about the same size as New Jersey?


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