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2014 Update: I need YOUR input

Deep Thought

While dining at Social Corner in Harlem, I had a great conversation with my sorority sister about creating goals and considering which paths to take in life. I confessed that everything on my vision board had come to fruition except for one thing and that is something you can help me with.

One of my major goals this year was to increase traffic and subscriptions to my blog. I love writing. I love sharing. I love helping. I majored in English and Public Relations during my undergraduate career and my creative self still exists. However, my pursuit of higher education and everything else that comes with it has gotten in the way of my blogging/vlogging.

So this year,my friends, I will post weekly. I am putting it out there so that you can hold me accountable. I also want the  universe aware of my desire. If you like something on the blog, comment or share it with your friends.  I also need your feedback so I understand what you want as an audience. (Your opinion matters so comment and vote below).

This site has a little bit of everything.However, if you are only interested in certain topics, use the headers at the top to navigate to the section of interest.

Here is a summary of each section:

Pretty Power: Motivation, Inspiration, Spirituality, Health

Fashion Unscripted: Fashion Hauls, Sale Alerts , Outfits of the Day, Requested looks

Kinky Girl Talk: Any and all things related to healthy hair care

I Go. I See. I Do: My experiences as I travel both domestically and abroad

Black Girls in B-School: The experiences of women of color who are pursuing higher education


For personal advice or business inquires, please contact me at

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