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The Daniel Fast Day 4


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So…Um…Yeah- I am attempting to do the Daniel Fast and it has proven to be quite the challenge. I pride myself on discipline and self-control but I realized that a 21 day fast without much preparation equates to failure. Sure I thought that sticking to fruits and veggies would be a breeze but when I found out that the only beverage I could consumer was water, I was troubled. However, that  has not  been that most troubling part. I was totally unprepared for the nagging feeling of hunger. I literally feel hungry every hour or so. I think that eating natural foods allows your body to metabolize them more quickly and thus, you become hungry more quickly.

I truly love the idea of taking care of my body and spiritually connecting by depriving myself of things that I enjoy. Although, I just consumed four delicious chocolate chip cookies while typing this….I assure you that the battle is not over. Today was simply an anomaly brought on by lack of planning. I came to school with a banana and I was still hungry after eating that. I had no other snacks or meals prepared and thus, I was tempted by the “junk” I had access to. I do feel slightly guilty and upset with myself that I was not able to abstain however, I will avoid that self-defeating attitude and simply tell myself what Lauryn Hill so boldly stated “everyday is another chance…”

I would also be doing you and myself a disservice if I wasnt completely honest. So my other confession is that I also had a cup of coffee with dairy free creamer. Sweet Baby Jesus! Shame on me (I know). In other news though, I have consistently felt a overwheliming feeling of peace and happiness. This certainty that everything will always be alright. During this 21 day journey, I hope to learn more about myself, my flaws, my gifts and my purpose.

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