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Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day (Riding the 6 train)

This is the first time I actually participated in Human Rights Day (12/11/2013) . This global celebration recognizes the rights of people everywhere. I am always down for a good cause so when my sister tagged me in a post that Chef Roble put on Instagram, I immediately knew I wanted to attend the event.

When we arrived at the Bowery Hotel, dynamic quotes and art covered the lobby area of the event.  We wandered around, drank some wine, and listened to a band play conscious music. People danced, laughed, and cheered for the progress being made around the world with an understanding that work still needs to be done.  I people-watched and saw all kinds of interesting attire, and hairstyles. Afros and highly textured hair dominated my attention. I love kinky heads.


Congo, Africa was the primary focus that night. I learned about “falling whistles“, which pays homage to the young men who are recruited as soldiers and forced to fight on the front lines. Whistles adorn their neck so they can warn others when other rebel soldiers approach their area. These young men are usually the first to die in battle since they bravely command the front lines..  Unfortunately, the war in Congo has been going on my entire life and has been dubbed the “deadliest war of our time.”

Found out more at

Social Media: #PeaceinCongo

Be a WhistleBlower for Peace

Be a WhistleBlower for Peace

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