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I have a confession….I havent been working out the way I should be. I get some exercise tracking to and from campus and walking around the city but I definitely should be doing more. However, I have been sneaking delicious, healthy, food into my diet. Green drinks, fruit smoothies, and home made detoxing drinks have helped me maintain my weight despite lack of exercise.

I suffer from allergies, which leads to congestion and subsequently mucus. Gross! (I know). However, I purposely avoid antibiotics and as many OTC drugs as possible. I found that ginger works well for my congestion. Last night, I cut up peices of ginger and brewed it for about 15min on the stove. I added fresh sqeezed lemon, honey, and agave (for taste). This concotion can be served hot or cold. For storing, I reccomend a glass bottle or something that can be sealed tightly. Not only will this address the mucus but the combination of honey, lemon, and ginger will also give you a slight detox if taken reguarly.

* **I am not a health expert. Please conduct your own research and consult a physician before trying anything new***


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