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Marley Twists



Since B-school has taken over my life, I have limited time to style my hair. However, I still have to stay fly. So I do what most naturals do- I look for a style that will be both cute and convenient.  After seeing a ton of pictures of twists, both Marley and Havana, I decided to give it a try.



This style was completed using 3 packs of Janet Noir Marley hair (retail 5.99/per pack). I applied conditioner to each section of my hair prior to twisting.  The style took me about 4 hours to complete twisting off and on throughout the day. After I finished the twists, I trimmed some of the ends, rolled them on perm rods, and dipped them in hot water, which resulted in lovely spiral curls.



As you can see, I have rocked this style a variety of ways and I have even rocked in an interview (and I got the offer.)  This has definitely become one of my favorite styles. It is very natural looking and people assume that it is my hair. I purposely used random sections of hair and various sizes of twists to create a more natural effect. I have been told that they resemble locks and that is that look I was going for. However, the twists can be done neater and more uniformed for a more conservative look.



Stayed Tuned for my video regarding these twists.

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