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orginally written on 7/5/2012 

Its 7:21 a.m. and I am about to land in St. Louis. My final destination is Chicago.  Although I have been to Chi-town before, this will be my first trip there as an adult. I have heard that Chicago has a budding Jazz and Neo-Soul influence as well as a vibrant night life. This trip is a way for me to celebrate my milestone birthday with some friends. I am sleepy right now but excited about the fun that lies ahead. (I only napped for about 3 hours before it was time to head to the airport).

When I travel, I like to take in the whole city. I look up things to do and maximize my time there. So that means that I will be visiting some museums, eating native foods, taking public transportation, and hanging out where the locals are. The mid-west is just as hot as where I am coming from so my suitcase is full of tanks, tees, shorts, dresses and skirts. In fact, I only have one pair of jeans. I did a better job packing this time too. I was able to narrow down my shoe options to just 3 pair of shoes. I actually would have only had 2 had I not included a spare pair for my bestie.

I purposely tried on every outfit with the shoes to make sure that they all were coordinated well. I opted for multipurpose jewelry pieces and added belts as a way to alter an outfit. Unfortunately, my test prep book took up some extra space in my carry-on bag but I had to have it. I am on vacation but I still have to put in 1.5 hours of study time each day. Over these next 4 days, I plan to eat well, party, explore, relax, and master a bit more test content.

As I approach another year of life, I am humble and grateful. I am still overly eager about the future. Aging can be a little scary but I ain’t seen nothing yet. At the rate I am going, I will look this age for a long time. My baby face and petite frame gets me carded each and every time. The next years of my life will be full of fun and exciting memories. A trip to Australia is in the near future and I will not be satisfied until I stand beside the pyramids in Egypt, whine my hips in Jamaica, go on a safari, and back pack through Europe (as though time does not exist in my life).

My bucket list is long and I am one year closer to making all my dreams come true.


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