Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Straightening Natural Hair

This video was taped about 3 months. It explains that steps I took to flat iron my hair. I enjoyed this look but I was happy to have my curls back. Please use heat with caution because heat damage is always a risk with our fragile curls.

Healthy Hair Tips:
1.make sure you have a good protein/moisture balance
2. skip blow drying and allow your hair to air dry in braids to minimize heat
3. use a light leave-in and heat protectant on your hair prior to blow drying or flat ironing
4. try not to pass the flat iron over each section of hair more than 2x
5. do not use more that 375 degrees when flat ironing
6. do not use any more heat after flat ironing. If you hair reverts, just try other hairstyles that work well on stretched hair


2 Responses to “Straightening Natural Hair”

  1. gaiagertrude

    Wow, nice to see that there’s a (temporary) alternative to chemicals…


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