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Happy Feet

Happy Feet

I have been gone WAY too long and I have truly missed sharing with all of you. Forgive me and allow me to explain……

In the last 21 days, I have travelled to 3 states, moved from one coast to another, participated in intense interviews, and began graduate school. Oh…and did I mention that I was also in a wedding? That ish cra’

I have a lot  going on but things are falling into place nicely. I am still not completely settled in my apartment and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my vehicle yet, I have managed to have some fun in my new city.

I have no idea what is going on in Finance.  Sometimes, I am so lost that all I can do is laugh.  And even when I should be worried, I do the Kanye shrug because I know one day I will have an epiphany in that class. Or I will keep drinking wine…..and throw my hands up like “Eh” as my classmate does.  By the way, she just got up from the table, sat on the couch, and started up a video game. She is rebelling and I find it hilarious. I am being silly but the silliness helps me survive the intense workload.

Desperate Meaures

Desperate Meaures

Anyway, I  have neglected my hair just as much as I have neglected my blog. Thank God for SheaMoisture and coconut oil. These products keep my hair moisturized for 2 weeks at a time before my next wash day. (DEETS coming soon!!)

Side swept braid out using the Shea Moisture products & Coconut Oil

Side swept braid out using the Shea Moisture products & Coconut Oil

Sleep is a commodity now. I never get a full 8 hours but I am going to work on that because I do not want to become a bitch or a beast. (I’m just saying- lack of sleep makes me get out of character.)

As I type, page 46 of Financial Principles is glaring back at me. A freshly brewed cup of coffee sits to my right.  So while I can not stay long…I at least wanted to say hello.  And in other random news, one of the students that I have connected with the MOST is Ghanian. Ironic right? (check out my experiences in Ghana under the I Go. I See. I Do. category)

A new blog post will be featured EVERY FRIDAY.  This is what is coming soon:

-My 1st Henna Experience

-Straighening/Trimming My Natural Hair (Video)

-10 minute Vintage hair do’

-Milani in Dollar Tree!

-Blacks Girls in B-school

-Another “Pretty Power” installment

(when vision boards come to life)

Thanks for your patience.

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