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Lauryn Hill: Contrary to Popular Opinion

In some recent posts, I talked about my time of uncertainty and triumph. What I did not share is that I began to listen to Joel Osteen podcasts and other inspirational items to gain serenity. However, it was also Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged album that continually reminded me of the fighter and sometimes rebellious person that I am. I clung to the melody and lyrics and felt the desire to embrace and brand my identity. I was moved to learn more about thyself.

This video of Lauryn Hill was taped after the riveting success of her album the The Misuducation of Lauryn Hill. She effortlessly speaks with wisdom. She is fun and quirky and something about her just draws me in.

She and I are homies..she just doesnt know it yet.


6 Responses to “Lauryn Hill: Contrary to Popular Opinion”

  1. jumbledwriter

    This is a great speech that she gives. And, in the end, she almost appologizes, saying that she isn’t very good at delivering speeches. I think that may be true, and is part of what makes it work so well. She’s not talking at you, but to you, with you. She really puts herself in it.

  2. callmekinky

    I totally agree. Her words resonate with me simply because she comes across as authentic. She isnt hiding behind the veil of “celebrity.”

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    • callmekinky

      That line stuck with me as well. Everyone wants to be right but not everyone is concerned about righteousness. Check out part II on YouTube when you can. Lauryn Hill blessed us with her words.


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